Welcome to the magnificent world of travel buddies around the world. Just a few easy steps to complete your profile before meeting awesome people, earning extra income and being your own boss.

Step 1: How to become a Travel Buddy

After signing up, you can access to edit your profile and create a portfolio. Click on your name on the right of the top bar, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose My portfolio button.

Step 2: Update your portfolio

What is portfolio?

A portfolio is where you introduce yourself to the world. You can change your cover photo, describe who you are, set your price,… Your portfolio will appear on result page when travelers search for Travel Buddy based on destination and filters, so try your best to make it stand out!

Create your unique activities

Want to make special activities for your travelers? Simply clicking on Create new activity button on your portfolio page. Similar to your portfolio, you can edit your activity to make it as unique as possible

Step 3: Verify your account

Travel Buddy need to verify Email and ID to make Portfolio searchable on Xpath. Please go to your personal dashboard, choose Verification from the left sidebar. Here you can upload a photo of your ID/ Passport and fill your email address to verify. After we approve your ID/ Passport, your status will change to Verified and your Portfolio can be discovered by travelers.

Step 4: Welcome your guests

Received Inquiries

When travelers find your portfolio interesting, they will send you a request with the number of participants, duration and the date they prefer. The request will appear on inquiries page: xpath.co/u/inquiries and be sent to your email. You have 48 hours to approve or reject depending on your availability.

Plan your trips

Once you have your portfolio listed, you can get in touch with travelers via Inbox page in our platform. You can discuss about meet up/ pick up location, time, or note to travelers.

Get paid

After you approve the booking, travelers can proceed to check out via Xpath. Payments (after processing and transaction fees) will be automatically sent to your earning page xpath.co/u/earning once the trip is finished. Payouts are automatically calculated at the end of the month and paid on or before the 15th of the next month. The minimum payout amount is 35$ for Paypal.