Most people who haven’t been to Vietnam usually have this notion that this part of the world is quiet, idyllic, and perhaps very old-fashioned. Some would even wonder why many wanderlusts are eager to visit Vietnam when there’s really not much to do and see in this country. Well, wait till you set your foot on the captivating land of Vietnam. Whatever pre-conceived notion you have of this country will definitely shift once you have experienced Vietnam night life.

More than the picturesque natural sceneries and delicious food, this country also boasts of zippy and vibrant night life. Whether it will be in Ho Chi Minh City or in Hanoi or in Danang or whatever city in Vietnam, your nocturnal side will surely be satisfied with the different happenings they offer. Or even if you are not into clubbing or late night parties but you like to hang out at night, there’s surely something to entertain you.

Here are some of the remarkably fun night out ideas you can enjoy while in Vietnam:

1. Cocktails at the Rooftop Bar

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam nightlife: Cocktails at the Rooftop Bar in saigon
Drink your night away while enjoying the view of Ho Chi Minh City

Most expats and tourists like to hang-out and party at rooftop bars located in various areas in the city. In Ho Chi Minh city alone, there are a number of rooftop bars located along Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao streets and some parts of the city center. You can enjoy drinking beer or sipping your glass of wine wile dancing the night away or just chatting with your friends while enjoying the awesome view of the city.

2. Watch Live Music Bands

Enjoy live music and sing to your favorite songs as you groove in to the music of live bands in various hip bars in the city. Whether you like pop or smooth jazz or even rock alternative, there’s always a bar to go to for your music preference. Most working people usually go here to relieve stress after a long working day or during Friday to cap off the working week.

Vietnam nightlife
Enjoy live music bands on the street

3. Go clubbin’

Vietnam night life: Image result for vietnam night club
Rock your world with some music in the bar

Dance your worries away in the lively and posh nightclubs in the city. Bars and nightclubs are usually located in the city center and close to the expat streets. Although Vietnamese culture is actually modest and conservative, the younger generations still like to party and hang out with their friends in a bar. Vietnam is definitely way different from what you’ve imagined it to be. When you go to Nha Trang and other cities close to the beach, the party scene is also different. Aside from the locals, expats ad tourists also like to hang out at bars and nightclubs. So if you want to meet a guy or a girl, you better say goodbye to your bed and party the night away.

4. Watch a theater show

Vietnam nightlife: Image result for múa rối nước
You can enjoy the amazing tradition arts of Vietnam in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

If you’re into theater shows and performances, this awesome night out date is for you. Whether you are in Ho Chi Minh city or in Hanoi, you will surely have a chance to watch a theater show since each cities has its own and opera house where you can watch various theater performances. Just makes sure that you check the schedules and shows since they don’t regularly hold performances.

5. Drink beer along the expat street

Vietnam nightlife
Vietnam beer with Vietnamese style, why not?

If you’ve been to Ho Chi Minh, one of the places you will probably first become familiar with is Bui Vien street or Pham Ngu Lao street since these streets are famous spots where expats and tourists usually hang out to drink beer and have some fun. If you want to experience the fun, lively night life in Saigon, just walk through Bui Vien street and you will surely find a spot there to hang out and drink beer with your friends. While as if you are in Hanoi, the Old Quarter is the best place to experience drinking beer along the street.

6. Vietnam Night Life Food trip

Vietnam nightlife: banh-xeo-banh-khot-market.jpg
You can taste many delicious food with such affordable price

Vietnam is definitely one of the countries with the most delicious food ever. Thus, you should not miss out on experiencing the street food when traveling to this country.

7. Go shopping at the Night Market

Vietnam nightlife: Image result for night market in vietnam
Just make sure you know how to haggle for a good price.

This country is not only a haven for sumptuous food, it’s also a famous shopping hub for a cheaper price. When in Ho Chi Minh city, you can drop by Ben Thanh Night Market and shop for souvenirs and various merchandises there. You can even buy original branded items there at a very low cost. Just make sure you know how to haggle for a good price.

8. Drink Tra Chanh or Caphe Sua Da on the street

Vietnam nightlife: Image result for tra chanh by night
Feel like a local and hang out along the street with Lemon tea

Feel like a local and hang out along the street, sitting on the low stool and drinking Tra Chanh (Lemon Iced Tea) which really tastes so good. Or if you are not into tea, you can also have caphe sua da (lest you want to be up the whole night). This hang-out won’t really cost you that much since Tra Chanh  and caphe sua da on the street are only around VND 10,000-15,000 per glass. Plus, you can even add more fun to your Tra Chanh night out by eating Vit Long or the Vietnamese version of “Balut” or duck egg with embryo.

9. Watch live street performances

Vietnam nightlife : Image result for múa lửa in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi
Unique performance of locals

Aside from enjoying your beer along the street, there are also some street performances along Bui Vien Street that you can entertain yourself with. There’s the sword swallowing acts, razor-swallowing and even hot coal swallowing performances. Sometimes there’s even the fire swallowing acts as well. Although it can look and feel creepy to watch at times since these performers really do swallow real items, but this is something that is unique of Vietnam as well. Some locals do this to earn a living so when you see one performing an act, make sure you give him or her a tip because that person risks his/her life for a small amount of money.

During weekends, there are also various street performances along Nguyen Hue street. Some group sings on one spot while the other group dances and the other do mime performances. There performances are usually for free but watchers are also encouraged to give tips in whatever amount.

Vietnam night life: Image result for phố đi bộ nguyễn huệ về đêm, Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi
Nguyen Hue Walking street in Ho Chi Minh City

Whether you like to party or just simply hang out with your friends, there is definitely an activity fitting for you in Vietnam. Suffice it to say that you will never feel bored while in this country as there will always be something to entertain you.

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