One very interesting difference between nightlife in Sai Gon and Ha Noi is, Ha Noi seems to be asleep after 11pm. The time when Saigonese just hit the start of their night.

Sai Gon is known and loved for its vibrant night life, when people indulge their curiosity to wander around and explore the flashy avenues crossing tiny exotic alleys. Find themselves sipping coffee while observing the Bentleys riding alongside scooters from a concrete balcony or having a fancy meal at a hidden restaurant in a run-down apartment block. Here is a list of awesome ideas that most foreign travellers should do in Sai Gon instead of drinking the night away and clubbing.


Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Walking street – Photo by: Neo Luong

No doubt that the walking street is one of the most popular attraction for both locals and travellers to spend their night in Sai Gon. The Boulevard is solely for pedestrians at night as no vehicle can enter the area. No matter how touristy it gets, taking a walk on Nguyen Hue Boulevard is always worth a try.

Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Street Performance – Photo by: Kien Lam Thu

The boulevard blurs language and culture boundaries out as art and street performances can become a mean of communication. Travellers normally can not get enough of the street bands full of funky drummers, a passionate singer with his guitar or a group of youngster showing their dance moves. Diversity, definitely is one of the main reasons that makes the walking street appealing.

Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Colourful fountain – Photo by: Peter Khoi Nguyen


Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Live Rock Band – Photo by: SAIGON RANGER

Coffee shops in Saigon do not only offer you drinks but also a glance into the atmosphere and lifestyle of different personalities. The huge variety of coffee shop designs and themes can satisfy you whenever you feel like listening to acoustic live band or dance the night away to rock music. Even your meditation needs can be fulfilled at several religious coffee shops in saigon, where people gather together to find inner peace.

Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Keeping the night awake – Photo by: Thức Coffee
You don’t need to be worry about the opening time. There are many coffee shops that serve 24/7 in downtown Saigon as many people love working in a small group at night or they simply want to look at the city lights around 4 in the morning, keep their youth awake and simply observe random motorbikes passing by and vanish into the dark.
Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Stories to tell – Photo by: Open T cáfe 


Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Sleepless night – Photo by: Lê Hải Lâm 

Another one thing you just can’t miss, when you are visiting Saigon (especially for the first-time visitors) is Bui Vien street. Life only starts here after 7 pm, you will be amazed by the mixture of different languages, origins, and culture besides a significant number of street bars, pubs, street food stalls and street performance. All kind of hectic stories and friends can be found here even when you are sitting in an expensive bar or a small plastic chair on the pavement.

Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
No boundaries – Photo by: Kuuan
After a touristy day of seeing loads of famous attractions. Bui Vien is a good choice to feel like a local and get closer to the culture. 
Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Street Performance – Photo by: Michael Keil


Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Roof top movie

Forget about mainstream, blockbuster movies. I am talking about a rooftop big screen, cold beers and film lovers, who, in their own different ways, believe in the value lying behind offering a diversified cinema experience.

Top Things To Do At Night In Sai Gon
Swimming Pool Cinema
More importantly they are all eager and interested in being contacted if new filmmakers want to show their films at their venues. Those local made movies would give you a better understanding into the filmmaking process in Vietnam, and somehow the way Vietnamese make art.