You’ve seen and have been to the signature Sai Gon postcard pictures – the brilliant architectures of Notre Dame Cathedral, Post Office, City Hall and Reunification Palace. But now, you’re looking for something beyond Sai Gon’s mainstream, a unique non-touristy experience you can enjoy with the best views the city has to offer. Head to these 5 Sai Gon best views, so let your heart and your camera develop a love affair with the sight.

1. Eon 51 Heli Bar, District 1

Sai Gon best view
Eon 51 Heli Bar

Towering at 262 meters, the Bitexco Financial Tower is the tallest skyscraper in HCMC. You may have looked up at it, but have you looked down from it? Although its Skydeck in 49th floor is popular for viewing, it’s pretty expensive at $10. So here’s a trick: go further up to 51st or 52nd for EON Heli Bar and spend your money on drinks instead of the entrance ticket. You get a stunning panoramic view of the wide flat city of Sai Gon which shimmers in bright lights at night.

2. The Deck Saigon at District 2

Sai Gon best view
Sai Gon Deck

Here’s your best option for “watching the world go by while sipping champagne on ice.” The Deck located by the river at 38 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien District, provides excellent food and a paradise-like ambiance with the view of the distant skyscrapers of Sai Gon. Have a romantic dinner with your partner, or simply have an afternoon catch up with a friend as you watch the boats go up and down the river.

3. Anh Sao Bridge at District 7

Sai Gon best view
Anh Sao Bridge

Otherwise known as the Starlight Bridge, this dazzling overpass arching over the Crescent Lake is a beautiful view when you visit it at night when the colorful lights brighten up the man-made waterfall. This corner of Sai Gon located at Phú Mỹ Hưng is westernized with high-end buildings and the luxurious Crescent Mall. The stretch of the walkway around the lake is best for a night stroll, whether alone or with a companion.

4. Boo Coffee, District 1

Sai Gon best views
Boo Coffee

One of the coolest spots you will find in Vietnam is the Cafe Apartment nestled along the US$20-million walking street of Nguyen Hue. It’s coffee shop-stuffed facade poses a temptation for any coffee enthusiast to wander from floor to floor in this 9-storey building. The little balcony of the intimate space of Boo Coffee; however, situated on the 9th and top floor offers the highest and best aerial view of the city with the long stretch of Nguyen Hue walking street.

5. Binh Quoi Village, Binh Thanh District

Sai Gon best views
Binh Quoi Village

A nature getaway from the busy streets of Sai Gon lies just within it. Feast your eyes and camera lenses with this other side of HCMC – the views of lush greeneries, traditional bamboo huts and tranquil ponds. Although this park is located on the small island just above District 2, you would definitely feel outside of Ho Chi Minh City when you visit Binh Quoi village. Best time to visit is early morning; since it’s outdoors, it could get too hot in the afternoon.

Sai Gon best views
Binh Quoi Village

Having seafood, inhale the fresh air and get to know more about Vietnamese culture in Binh Quoi Village will make your travel experience fascinating.

Have you visited these places? If not, hop on your motorcycle and head on to these spots to get the best view of Saigon, from the fanciest to the most humble sceneries.

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