Vietnam is amazing in many aspect. The culture, the people, the nature. Everything you could ask for. But traveling is best when you have a friend to share those amazing experiences and moments.

So, was created with the mission to spread the love of travel. xpath is an online platform that connects travelers from every corner of the world with the locals to share valuable culture insights that have never been mentioned before in any guidebooks or travel sites. They could be things as simple as the nights wandering around, exploring the city with your fellow companions or getting to know new friends while enjoying a home-cooked meal. Our ultimate goal is to create remarkable traveling experiences by giving our users the chance to interact directly with one another to customize their trips.

Secondly, we believe in the concept of the Sharing Economy and aim to create a direct, simple, and easy way for travel buddies to earn extra income or even afford a living by doing what they are passionate about (usually profits are driven to travel agents). In addition, we help locals to deliver good impression of their loving home to international friends and keep travelers away from scams, which contribute to the tourism industry and the society.

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