Greetings from Vietnam! 

So, you are having a date in September with this land of hidden charms. The first thing to notice about exploring this beauty in September is that this is one of the two best times to visit the country. This transiting time frame slips neatly between our torrential rain season and roasting dry season. The weather is reasonably cooler, the sky is clear and rains are less likely to occur. September is also the start of a new school year, so local families are gone, leaving your queues clear and hotel rooms empty. Thus, the costs are more reasonable and you may get nice discounts as well. So now that the time is right, where is the places for you to enjoy this wonderful season?

Generally speaking, Northern Vietnam is the go-to destination for Vietnam in September. With the harvest season approaching, the highland areas of the North are the most stunning at this time of year. There are many places that you can go to for the beautiful golden terrace rice fields. Here are 6 places that you should definitely have on your list of Vietnam September travel.

1. Bac Son valley of Lang Son

Bac Son valley is located among the many limestone mountains with rivers curving in between endless rice fields. Home of many different indigenous tribes like Nung, Dao and Tay, they usually grow the rice fields in their own time, which create a colourful palette ranging from lustful green, ripe gold or soil brown. You can watch the dawn from the top of Na Lay mountain, visit Quynh Son local village or explore Dang Mo waterfall just 20 km away from the town. The peaceful beauty of this place will charm you.  

Bac Son valley, where people depend on nature to provide them both shelter and food.

2. Co To island

Co To island is the jewel of the North, the way Phu Quoc island is to the South. Located near the border, Co To’s authorities have been reulctant to open this place for general tourism for quite a while. At a result, this huge island is still rugged in many parts. Electricity only arrived a few years ago, hotels are only starting to be built and a huge part of the island’s transportation is run using electric cars/buses. You can visit the local lighthouse for a spectacular view of the island, or swim at the crescent shaped Van Chay beach with crystal clear water and clean, white sand. There is also a water-sports area with inflatable obstacles for you to climb and jump over. It is nice to unwind for a while and chill in this non-touristy location.

Co To island is among the very few untouched wonders in Vietnam

3. Mu Cang Chai

If you have heard about Vietnam’s spectacular terrace rice fields, you would want to go to Mu Cang Chai. Located in Yen Bai’s highland area, September colours Mu Cang Chai’s land with 2,200 ha of golden terrace rice fields that would amaze visitors. Khau Pha mountain pass, on the way to Mu Cang Chai, is amongst the most winding and steepest mountain passes in Vietnam, which makes it another star for the trip. You can also visit Mo waterfall in between Na Hang A and Na Hang B hills. You will enjoy the spiral water flow in part of the levels to visit here. Thai village (the indigenous tribe rather than the country) is also a place to go where you can enjoy the local Thai people’s food and experience their lifestyle.

Vietnamese frequent travellers usually talk about a beautiful motorbike track that combines all the most beautiful places in the North of Vietnam, which is Ha Noi, Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Sapa, Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai and back to Ha Noi. The scenery will never be the same across the whole trip and you will experience one of the most motorbike tracks in Vietnam.

terrace rice fields in Vietnam
The satisfying scene of perfectly structured terrace rice fields in Mu Cang Chai

4. Hoi An

If you are stopping by the Central region during your trip, don’t forget to visit Hoi An on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month. This is the time when all the lights in Hoi An’s ancient town will be off, giving space for the stunning lanterns that make the name of this once famous trading centre. You will experience more of Ho An during Mid-Autumn festival, which usually occurs around September of solar calendar and mid-August of Lunar calendar. Prepare to enjoy the famous once-per-year Mid-Autumn festival cake while watching lion dance as the kids flocking to the streets with paper lanterns in hand. 

People of Hoi An lighting the lanterns along the rivers in Mid Autumn festival

5. Ho Chi Minh city motorbike tracks

If you are staying near Ho Chi Minh city most of September, there will also places that you may want to visit.

First is the motorbike track to Tri An lake of Dong Nai. Just within a-few-hour drive from the bustling city, you will find quiet village life, amazing hills and mountainous range, and a cooling lake with green clear water that blows away all the stressful urban life. You will be able to get near the dam from a right entrance and the scenery at the front of the water-gate will remind you a lot of a scene in Lord of the Rings near Gollum’s place. For a longer drive, the seaside route from Da Lat back to Ho Chi Minh city will also charm you with its green fields, red soil route, sneak peeks at the sea and mesmerizing lights underneath dragon fruit trees on the side of the roads at night.

Tri An lake is among the best places to visit in Vietnam in September, with its rustic charm so ever blessed by nature.
Tri An lake in Dong Nai is among the best places to visit in Vietnam in September, with its rustic charm so ever blessed by nature.

6. The West of Southern Vietnam

Going further to the West of the South, it is flooding season. The fields will be submerged in silty water from the Mekong river. The abundance of both animal and plant life brings along many activities as well as tasty local dishes. A suggestion to visit is Tram Chim National Garden in Dong Thap Muoi area. Home to more than 130 species of plants, hundreds of vertebrate animal species, tens of fish species and more than 198 species of water bird, which amounts up to ¼ of the bird species in Vietnam. Another option is to row through indigo forest on a boat to view the silky white indigo flowers amid floating green water-ferns at Tra Su indigo forest at An Giang.   

Tram Chim National Garden, Vietnam September travel
Tram Chim National Garden, home to many exotic birds

So pack up, get on the plane and come to Vietnam this September, because the country is oh-so very anxiously waiting for you!

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