While we absolutely love Ho Chi Minh City, and  the hustle and bustle of this packed, hot and sometimes a bit crazy but always vibrant city, it can at time become a bit exhausting. One way is to take a complete Vietnam trip to these easy weekend getaways from the daily grind of Ho Chi Minh City and to recharge your batteries relaxing on the beach or blend in with the nature. Venturing just a few kilometers outside of the concrete jungle, you will be met by lush nature and a much slower pace of life, perfect for a little relaxation!

There are many differing landscapes and possible experiences to be had around Ho Chi Minh City, so you will easily find a retreat that appeals to you. We have compiled a list of a few options for a weekend trip that will have you feeling fresh and ready for city living again!

Vung Tau Beach

Vung Tau is definitely one for the beach lovers! This beach city is about two and a half hours from Ho Chi Minh City by car, making it an even more desirable weekend destination, as it is not too much of a hassle to get to and back from. Getting to Vung tau from Ho Chi Minh City is also possibly via ferry. The city is famous throughout Vietnam for its pristine and popular beaches.

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways: Vung Tau
It takes about 2-3 hours by bike from Ho Chi Minh City to get to Vung Tau and enjoy a aeaceful morning on the coast

Options for accommodation in Vung Tau are wide, ranging from homestays to airbnbs to hotels and hostels. The place expects and welcomes tourists with open arms and offers a range of restaurants specializing both in Vietnamese and International cuisines. Getting around is also easy, taxis and xe oms are everywhere. Bikes and scooters are also available for hire. If you are looking for a bit of fun, you’re looking at the right weekend getaway. Vung Tau gets a bit busy as many city dwellers have the same idea and will crowd the beach. But if you enjoy a vibrant social night life, spend your days relaxing and frolicking in the sea and sun, and your nights wining, dining and socializing!

Victoria Cruises on The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the perfect and unique escape into nature outside of the city. The Mekong Delta is both heavily lived on as well as peacefully serene, something which is quite interesting to witness. Victoria Cruises offers cruises on the Mekong Delta ranging from one to three days, both on private or groups tours. These cruises are incredibly peaceful, and offer the unique advantage of the feeling of solitude, something that is not very easy to come by in the city.

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways: Mekong Delta
Floating boat – Mekong Delta signature transpotation Source: Victoria Cruises

The cruise will take you to small and unique and colorful villages, full of french and Cambodian influences, as well as local floating markets. Taking one of these cruises is an opportunity to really witness what day to day life is like for the thousands of people that make their home in the Mekong Delta. This serene weekend on the water will make it feel like you are a million miles away from the biggest city in Vietnam.

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort and Spa

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort and Spa is only about an hour and a half away from Ho Chi Minh City by taxi, once again making it a breeze to get to! This beach resort is a totally different weekend getaway from Vung tau as it is much quieter and much more exclusive. The resort encompasses luxurious rooms (you can choose from a room, a villa, a suite or a bungalow), a pool, access to a private beach and of course, a spa. The on site spa offers treatments ranging from facials to full body massages. Ho Tram Resort also offers its own restaurant that specializes in both Western and Vietnamese food.

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways:: Ho Tram
Luxury Resort and Spa. Source: Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort and Spa

Staying in Ho Tram Beach Resort, you will have the feeling of a complete and total break from the business of your usual daily life. Besides, you wouldn’t want to leave the resort even if there was anything else close by! So if you feel like treating yourself, you should definitely not miss out this indulgent, luxurious weekend getaway that will have you breezing back into the city

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is a fairly new establishment, located about six hours West of Ho Chi Minh City by car. The lodge is built into the side of the Sam mountain, above the watery fields of Chau Doc. The fields below stretch all the way into Cambodia, making the already inspiring view even more special. The lodge offers comfortable, private bungalows equipped with air conditioning and wifi, as well as an excellent restaurant.!

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways:: Nui Sam Lodge
Victoria Nui Sam Lodge has the best view to see Sam mountain. Source: TripAdvisor

When staying at the lodge, you will be able to take day trips to the close by floating market and forest. Be sure to take time to visit the local and beautiful Buddhist pagodas, as well as the large statue of Lady Xu, the fabled protector of the region. Other impressive amenities offered by Victoria Nui Sam Lodge include a spa (a massage is sure to relieve any tension built up by city dwelling!), a library, tai chi and yoga classes, the lodge’s own hiking trail as well as various other outdoor based activities like mountain biking, a bar, and an infinity pool yours to lounge by and dip into from dawn til dusk!

Tan Lap Floating Village

Tan lap Floating village is another incredibly unique and nature based weekend retreat from the city. Based only 100 kilometers from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, you can easily make the journey on your bike. Let’s be honest, a nice long drive on some open road may be just as refreshing as a whole weekend away! You are also able to get there via bus or private transfer if you prefer not to drive.

Endless road surrounded by rows of trees. Source: Vinday Travel

Tan Lap Floating Village is truly a special destination. In the heart of Long An Province, people also call this place the “floating eco-tourism village” as many of the homes actually float on excess water when the rainy season takes over. The village is built on the mangrove and you are right in the middle of what seems to be an immense jungle. You are able to bring your tents and camp in designated areas. There are also a multitude of guest houses around the area too.

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways:: Tan Lap Floating village
The beautiful lotus lake, where you can canoe down. Source: Tour Guide

You will glide along branches of river, through a seas of lotus flowers, past protected ancient cajeput trees, smelling the aromatic scents of the local fauna. Highlights of the area include an observation tower from which you will be able to see vast stretches of jungle and of course, the famously friendly and kind local people. You would never, ever think that you were are close to Ho Chi Minh City as you will be here. It really is a hidden paradise just around the corner!

Cat Tien and Cat Tien National Park

When you’re in this city, you can start to feel a bit cooped up and may yearn to stretch your legs a bit. Want to trade the city sounds of a sea of motorbikes and karaoke machines for the natural sounds of birds and waterfalls? Cat Tien is the perfect weekend spot for those of you looking for a more adventurous and active weekend away. Cat Tien National Park, a 72 thousand hectare land space, is characterized as a vast lowland tropical forest.

The National park is filled with local wildlife, trees that have been around for centuries, and even a species of endangered primates. Rent a bike and cycle deep into the forest and see its extensive and beautiful hiking trails, a great and active way to spend a weekend away from the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam trip: Ho Chi Minh City Weekend getaways:: Nam Cat Tien Park
Cycling deep into the forest is the best experience! But be ware of the leech. Source: hghtravel

You can find accommodation on the outskirts of Cat Dien National Park in various lodges. Speak to the staff at the lodge you are staying in for advice and details about hiking paths, day trips and safety measures within the National Park! Tours within the National Park and surrounding areas and towns are available. Cat Tien is about a four hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, but is well worth the trip for nature lovers!

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