Making a good choice when it comes to Vietnam accommodation for your holiday can make or break a trip, and certain people feel more comfortable in certain forms of accommodation. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Do you want to save money? Are you prepared to share a bathroom with other travelers? Do you want a private room? Do you want a pool (it gets hot in Vietnam!)? What part of town do you want to stay in? Do you want to stay with the local people and immerse yourself in the culture?

Luckily the choice for Vietnam accommodation is quite extensive and ranges from cash-strapped backpacker’s paradise to rooftop pools and bars overlooking one of the biggest cities in Asia. In other words, there is a perfect place for whatever kind of holiday you have in mind and we are here to help you make your accommodation decision!

Below we will explore three popular Vietnam accommodation options found all over in Vietnam, discussing the pros, cons and general price range of each of them. Each option is unique in its own way and you are sure to find the perfect accommodation fit for you!


Are you looking to have a more relaxing and lavish holiday in Vietnam? It’s the perfect place to do because you will be waking up in rooms with amazing views, spending your days getting massages and eating gourmet food for A LOT of bang for your buck!

Activities in Vietnam accommodation: Saigon hotel
Luxury hotels in Saigon

With the rise of sites such as Airbnb and the growing popularity of hostels, hotels may not be on your radar for accommodation options for your upcoming trip to Vietnam, but we are here to tell you that you should definitely consider them!

There are of course some really expensive and extravagant hotels in Vietnam but you will also see many cheaper options that include breakfast and room cleaning services. These hotels are usually on the same streets as hostels and close to the more popular nightlife streets and restaurants whereas the older and more expensive hotels will be in downtown.

Hotels can, of course, be expensive but they sure are an experience. The biggest cities in Vietnam like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City have some seriously historic hotels, grab one of the many well written and informative books about the history of Vietnam and read them by the pool on your off days. Hotels will also offer extra services like spas and restaurants located within them.

Activities in Vietnam accommodation: Vietnam historic hotels
Sofitel Legend Metropole is the first five-star hotel and one of the oldest hotels in Hanoi

You will find hotel staff to be extremely helpful with things like calling you taxis and making recommendations for places to eat and things to see. You will also be able to book local tours through your hotels and some can even assist you with booking in-country flights. Oh, and did we mention the pools already? Because they have pools and after a long day of walking, eating and sweating in the sweltering streets of Vietnam, a dip in a crisp, cool pool is nothing short of amazing.

Hotels will be much easier to come by in big cities and large towns. The price range will depend entirely on how luxurious of a hotel you are wanting to stay at.


Home-stay is a unique experience that other types of Vietnam accommodation would rarely bring to. We urge you to try at least one location on your trip. A home-stay is just that, you are staying in someone’s home, a truly insightful and special option for Vietnam accommodation.

Activities in Vietnam accommodation: Vietnam homestay
Homestay in Da Lat

Staying in a home-stay can be a once in a lifetime experience. It offers you a more real or raw view of Vietnam and what it is like to be living the lives of the local families. Home-stay is a good choice if you intend to visit some of the more rural parts of Vietnam and in some you will be eating with the family, joining in on daily activities and enjoying a more peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle in major metropolitan areas.

Activities in Vietnam accommodation: Vietnam homestay
Unforgettable homestay experience with local

Hotel and hostel staff can definitely point you in the right direction when it comes to exploring some well-known and undeniably awesome spots to see, eat at and explore, but what is better than getting a recommendation? If you’re lucky they may even show you a few spots themselves! The kindness, graciousness, generosity and attitudes of families that have opened their homes to travelers is something that would turn into heart-warming memories later on in life. We highly recommend trying out a home-stay in Vietnam!

We recommend home-stays for people who are visiting Vietnam to truly learn more about the culture and people of this beautiful country. When staying in one, you are lucky enough to be invited into a culture completely unique and different to yours! Please remember to be respectful and maybe grab an English-Vietnamese dictionary as, more so in the rural areas, not all home-stay owners speak fluent English.

Activities in Vietnam accommodation: Tourists try traditional wine of ethnic minority
Tourists try traditional wine of ethnic minority

Home-stays will be much easier to come by in small cities or more rural areas at the outer brim of big cities. The prices can differ but it is usually very affordable, with small surprises like free welcome meals!


Hostels are without a doubt the most popular Vietnam accommodation option for tourists. In big cities, you will find hostels almost everywhere, especially in the most bustling streets (a perfect example being Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh City).

Hostels can have a bad name or you might have had bad memories associated with them (bed bugs anyone?), but you will most definitely find some gems hidden in the hems of Vietnam!

Hostels are usually very fairly priced. A fair price, however, sometimes means that you will have to share bathrooms or even rooms with strangers, some of whom are not always considerate of your personal sleep schedule, space, and belongings. Most hostels will, however, have a safe space for you to lock up your belongings and you will more than likely have the option of paying extra to have your own private room.

Vietnam accommodation: Hostel in Ha Noi
Hostel in Ha Noi

As previously mentioned, certain streets close to the city centre would be a good start to find a suitable hostel. A lot of hostels are in walking distance of popular restaurants, bars and sights. This also means, however, that the streets outside of your hostel room are bound to be noisy and in Vietnam, people karaoke and hang out until late and get up to start work early! We suggest you join in on the bia and karaoke though!

One of the best things about staying in hostels is that you are sure to meet people from all over the world who are travelling and want to explore the city just like you. Most hostels will have a chill lounge area or a bar where you can mingle with the other guests. Vietnam is such a popular destinations with backpackers and travelers of every age and creed that you are bound to meet some interesting people.

If you do not like noise or sharing space, a hostel is probably not for you. If you like being in a busy area, possibly making new friends and saving money, then a hostel is the best choice for you! Typing in the name of the town or city you are planning to stay in followed by the word hostel into a search engine will undoubtedly pull up dozens if not hundreds of options. Make sure to read the reviews before booking.

Vietnam accommodation: Hostel in Da Nang
Hostel in Da Nang

Hostels will be easy to come by in both big cities and more rural areas or even smaller towns. Now, there are some pretty nice hostels that are gaining a lot of attention not just from tourists, but the young Vietnamese wonderlusts, too! Especially in the city of Da Lat.

Wrapping up on Vietnam accommodation

Now that you’re ready to make your decision, remember to make the most of your stay! Staff in hotels and hostels and the families in home-stays are your key to really exploring the most wonderful spots in the area you are visiting. We wish you a comfortable, safe and happy trip!